I have been interested in Astronomy since the age of seven, but UFO's and aliens since I was ten, and I was born in 1957.
I have always kept an open mind to my research, firstly by trying to find a logical explanation to all UFO sightings.
But some  9% of all sightings just cannot be explained and still remain a mystery to even the most sceptical of people. 
We all live on a relatively new planet which has many records of UFO's and alien visits all through its history.
Not every sighting can be linked to natural events or aircraft. 
Professional people have also witnessed objects, which when described are far too advanced for our current technology.
From astronauts, pilots, military staff to police officers, they have all reported similar stories over time. 

Could these craft be us coming back from our future?
Someone in the future will invent time travel, we only need the energy of our sun, but maybe one day someone will
invent a powerful power source which is lets say the size of a house.
It is going to happen, as all science fiction becomes science fact in time.
Some of the very large UFO's have been seen over many airports and if you think about it, what
better way for our future folk to go back to a real time living museum and see how we used to live.
We also live in a multi-dimensional universe with many dimensions and time lines which could be running parallel to ours or maybe at different times.
Just look how mobile phones, televisions, computers, digital equipment, cars, planes, and other innovations have progressed in the last five years.
Science and technology moves at a very fast rate. 

Our universe is all made up of mass and energy, but also has many different types of energy particles, flowing though it, and some are travelling faster
than the speed of light.
 There are suggestions that aliens are here already and have been living in underground bases, under the oceans or even on our moon.
Maybe even among us as hybrids and have done for a very long time. 

Are we a race of D.N.A modified beings, plus a D.N.A mix of many that have come to visit us since the dawn of time?
Throughout earths history many races have obtained advance knowledge and objects are now being discovered which suggest they must
of had help from advance sources.
Many African tribes of old have reported stories handed down of spacecraft and visitors from the heavens.
These visitors were treated as Gods, as we are now when we have made contact with lost tribes still living in earths forests today.




 They are discovering many new earth like planets everyday  



Earth's flying saucers were first designed and made by the Nazis during WW2 in Germany.
Hitler gave his scientists unlimited resources to create and build a vast program of 
advanced weapons to help win him the war.
They saucers were called V7 craft, like the V1,V2,V3 and V4 programme the V standing for
Vergeltung German for Vengeance.
Many of the Nazis weapons technology was copied and used into rockets and weapon systems of the current day.
Some of the research technology from WW2 Nazis equipment is still being looked at today by scientists to try and understand
how it works.

The main reason for their design was to create stabilised aerial gun platforms to shoot at the allied bombers.
The war ended before they became fully operational.
The Combined forces took the German technology after WWII and have been very busy making similar craft.
There have been a few crashes over time as they never got the things to work perfectly at first.Below is a Russian disk which crashed while testing the new captured German technology a few years later. Was this Russian crash a U.S spy plane or a real alien craft? If alien then they are very small beings.


 According to popmech.ru this photo is presented from a private collection of an old Russian Air Force retiree, who had seen with his own eyes the flying saucers made for Russian army in 1950s and even had a chance to take this photo. Their AF squad had a task to complete the machines in order to test their characteristics in air fight. This particular photo was taken at a Russian Air Force base on Shpitzbergen or Slalbard island, north to Norway. It looks very similar to the German nazi designs.


The U.S saucers were called Zero G machines and were two man operated with a nuclear power source, they were coloured white and cigar shaped,simular to NikolaTesla original designs as per the links below.
I saw one with a pair of binoculars leave the wing of a B52 flying high over Essex in 1972. It was not a drop fuel tank, as it flew off in a controlled direction. In 2000 all the information about their design and workings was on the internet. In 2004 it was all taken down. 

BBC Essex June 21st 2013



After the second world war ended the allied forces wanted Hitler's
new weapons because as with most things those that have the best technology 
has a edge over the rest of the world. And if you have better weapons then you 
can have peace and security against future tyrants who we never seem to stop 
turning up.


Notice the tail fins on this black project aircraft. R.A.F Tornado pilots have seen this craft pass them at high speed over the north sea.
Its path is from area 51 across the Atlantic up the north sea and includes Russia, China, Iran, North Korea before turning home, with a vast amount of military data and most of the radio bandwidth. 

This new technology will lead to space planes as per the link below, where travel time will be reduced by up to 80%. We have achieved all this in a very short time. Imagine what technologies alien races may have? Who may have been creating new craft for over thousands of years,we would be totally amazed, just like when we first saw an aeroplane fly on earth.
Many Ufo's are just astronomical events or meteors, aircraft or advanced military aircraft craft,balloons and hoxers but some really are advanced beings from planets within the milky way our galaxy as per the two pictures below. Each one of the stars is a sun which may have planets.
Nearly one in four stars similar to the sun may host planets as small as Earth, according to a new study funded by NASA and the University of California.
                                   See Explanation.  Clicking on the picture will download
the highest resolution version available. 
How big is our universe? The link below answers this question. For those that say we are alone certainly are narrow minded because this universe may have trillions of earth like planets, many of which have been around much longer than us. 
Each one of these stars in the Globular Star Cluster 47 Tuc could have earth like planets much older than ours, it lies about 13,000 light-years away from earth.
Planet earth is like a grain of sand on a beach light years long and wide .

My late parents both saw this event whilst driving home late at night in Dec 1980.They were the type of people that did not believe in ufos or aliens.
I believe it was a black project aircraft. 
 If the aliens are advanced in technology then why have their spacecraft crashed? There are reports that we are at war with them and we use Teslas plasma technology to shoot them down to recover their technology.
Some experts said the greys had agreements to help us in exchange for dead body parts for D.N.A use but they then went back on their word.
Many that come forward to tell the truth about aliens and alien spacecraft seem to die in mysterious circumstances.
Many of our military planes have been fired in the past with laser gun technology.
The next link shows a ufo being fired at from a U.S
base in Australia.
The U.S have advanced weapons to fire at these alien craft.
And so have the Russians. Remember when one of our wind turbines was taken out by strange coloured lights?
It may have been this device as these weapons can be focused around the earth using the Schumann cavity
 We were having diplomatic problems with Russia at the time over the supply of gas.
This plasma weapon orignated from Tesla's original design

Some aliens are hostle, some are friendly, some are living organisms like jelly fish/critters and can only be seen in the ultra violet light spectrum,this universe is filled with life.
Air forces around the world have been in contact with advanced craft which may have bases here.
UFo experts have said that there are human type aliens visiting us,and some are living amoung us as hybrids.
People that have been abducted have reported having their body fluids taken against their will, but have at least returned alive to tell their tale. There have been too many ufo's reports way back over earths  history.
Radio hams have picked up messages direct from Nasa links



Life in different forms can survive in space and move around the solar system. Comets may have brought life here to earth at its start.
Earth bacteria was found alive on the Surveyor 3 space craft's camera during the moon landings. Now we have found water on the moon,probably left around from crashed comets. (Surveyor 3 (USA) 17 April 1967. Soft landed 17 April 1967 in the south eastern part of Oceanus Procellarum and tested lunar soil. The last data was returned on 4 May 1967. On 19 November 1969 the Apollo 12 Lunar Module (LM) landed within about 180 m of the Surveyor 3 spacecraft. Astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean visited the spacecraft on their second moonwalk on 20 November, examining Surveyor 3 and its surroundings, taking photographs, and removing about 10 kg of parts from the spacecraft.   


Radio interview from Dr Edgar Mitchell re the above


The next link shows a UFO which be interested in the Italian power station. Ufo's have been seen near electricity pylons, maybe they are topping up their power sources.
If like me, you are interested in astronomy, then these site's may be useful to you:
Always keep an open mind to things which you cannot understand
as normally there is a logical solution to most of them.
If not try and work out what new technology could be making
the earth space connection. Scientists are now heading towards
the same conclusions that we are not alone, but we share our universe
with beings more advanced than us. The scary thing is why world governments
just don't want us to know what's going on. Mass panic ? or are they part of the
master plan for us to all be controlled sheep so that just do as we are told, or are we
their food chain and we just got too advanced for them once we went nuclear?
Maybe they are keeping an eye on us so that we don't blow up their existence, 
as they may also live on this planet under the sea or in caves maybe in another parallel dimension.
As they say the truth is out there and as technology becomes more advanced
I am sure all the new information and discoveries will fall into place, just like we now know
so many new things about our universe.  
Lets just hope that any advance aliens are friendly and do not want our planet as their home.